Outfit of the Day: Testing the Waters

I love looking at Outfit of the Day posts on other “fatshion” blogs, but I’ve shied away from posting any of my own. It isn’t the format I’d intended for this space – I’m more of a wordsmith than a clothessmith, and I didn’t imagine I’d have anything meaningful to contribute to the fatosphere*, so for me to post pictures of myself seemed somehow narcissistic.

(*Yes, apparently this is becoming the kind of blog that uses that sort of language. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum…)

But then I read this post: Why the pictures matter. Lesley makes a good case for having more pictures of bodies in all shapes and sizes available on the internet: fat bodies are marginalized by the media, rarely shown, “or if we [are shown] we are without heads or identities, without agency, without ownership—a strangely shaped approximation of a person, a pile of vaguely anthropomorphic flesh.” Instead we’re constantly bombarded with a stream of images of homogenous, thin, abled, culturally-normative bodies; by continually posting photos of our own non-mainstream, othered bodies, we can work towards normalizing bodies of all types. So, as Lesley says:

My outfit pictures are not about looking pretty or stylish or enviable or impressive—they are a challenge to the monotony of normative bodies in normative contexts that slide over our minds even against our will, every day, every day, every day we live. Look around, instead of trusting that what culture tells you about what is normal must be true: look around. Diversity is normal. It is just not culturally valued. We can change that.

My own experience has been that seeing pictures of other fat women — wearing clothes, looking happy with themselves, having bodies and not being ashamed of them — has been extremely valuable to me. In fact, my own journey into fat- and body-acceptance began when I stumbled onto a fatshion* blog, Pretty In Plus, and was blown away by how openly joyful Beth is about her body and the clothes she wears. It’s one of my favorite sites to read – she’s writes so cheerfully, and her posts are always day-brighteners for me.

(*Full disclosure: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the portmanteau “fatshion.” I’m not sure if I like it, although I can’t really say why.)

So, having said all that: Here are pictures of what I wore to church this morning. I’m still feeling a bit awkward about having my husband photograph me, so for today, these are pictures I took of myself in the mirror of the church bathroom.


Skirt, boots, glass necklace, and bright pink shirt: Lane Bryant. Purple leggings: Wal-Mart


(I very nearly didn’t post this last photo, as I’m self-conscious about my double chin, but if the idea here is to be honest about my body in an effort to help normalize bodies of all sizes and shapes, then I can’t really omit the double-chin photo, can I? So here’s the honest truth: sometimes when I look down, my chin mashes into my neck.)

So here I am, in all my corporeal glory. I’d love your feedback on this post – is this the sort of thing you want to see more of? What do you get out of outfit-of-the-day–type posts?

Here are some other blogs whose clothing posts have been inspiring to me:

Pretty in Plus

A Well-Rounded Venture

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If you have links to other good fatshion (there’s that word again) blogs, please post links in the comments!





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  1. You are fabulous! I think your style reflects your personality and makes you appear both confident and attractive. I wish more women, myself included, had the guts to post the non-edited photos more often 🙂

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