Outfit of the Day: Victory!

I had to give a major (60% of my grade, eesh!) presentation yesterday for my Arthurian Lit class, and I was pretty nervous. So I compensated by wearing fabulous clothes and too much liquid eyeliner, as one does.

I also wore my confidence panties. In case you were wondering. Because nothing helps soothe performance anxiety quite like knowing you’re wearing fabulous underwear. (Surely I’m not the only one who does this…right? Back me up here…)

Please forgive the focus – it was starting to rain and we were trying to get the pictures done as quickly as possible.

Houndstooth shirt, sweater, trouser jeans, and shoes: Lane Bryant. Necklace: Old Navy. Hair by Goody bobby pins and Dove Extra Hold hair spray. Not pictured: confidence panties.

These jeans look much better with heels, which is how I started, but the ground is still too soggy and I was sinking. So flats (and damp cuffs) it is.

(Also: my lawn is still very dead. Dear spring, please come soon.)

Ever since I’ve jumped on the Health At Every Size bandwagon and my body-confidence has been improving, I’ve been more interested in wearing clothes I love, so I’m playing around with trying to find a personal style. I’m gravitating toward a ’50s Bettie Page pin-up look, only with, you know, less nudity.

This is the first time I’ve successfully done victory rolls in my hair, which is super exciting. Also, had no idea how outrageous my roots are. Holy Moses, I will be recoloring my hair ASAP.

I don’t have my grade back yet, but I think the presentation went really well. I attribute it the liquid eyeliner, victory rolls, and confidence panties.


4 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Victory!

  1. WOW! You look great–except for–you know–the roots, but that’s something you can handle… Love you, Gal! You’re the greatest! I hope the grade reflects your efforts, and I am SURE the “confidence panties” were the final addition to get you “over the top”. Keep truckin’ Glad for your going on with your education. However, considering your OCD like mine about spelling and grammar mistakes, you probably don’t need much more! JK

  2. Dear friend. Thank you for not showing the panties but thanks even more for showing what an awesome outfit! The last picture especially is pin up material (just without the nudity). You’re lookin good girl!

  3. great v rolls – amazing how they always make your roots look horrendous though – must do mine within the next few days
    the vintage look is so high maintanance but give you so much confidence – have been wearing v rolls most days for about 7 months now and feel great with them

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