Outfit of the Day: Easter!

You guys, I am about to show you something that has never before been seen on this blog: an outfit made of pieces that AREN’T FROM LANE BRYANT. Shocking, I know! I’ve never shopped at Avenue before (and actually, I didn’t really know they exist), but this post on A Well-Rounded Venture was so enthusiastic about their sundresses that I had to go try them on. (Plus, ever since I broke up with Lane Bryant, I’m in need of another brick-and-mortar store I can shop in.) Anyway, Nicole was totally right about the sundresses – I bought one, and I’m thinking I’ll probably be back for more by summertime.

So, here’s what I wore to church for Easter:

Dress: Avenue. Cardigan: Lands’ End (Sears). Turquoise camisole: Lane Bryant (crap, so there was one LB piece. I can’t escape them.). Necklace: Old Navy. Shoes: Wal-Mart clearance.

We had to take these pictures in the living room because it was raining out — it’s been raining ALL WEEK and my kids have been on Spring Break and I’ve been stuck in the house with three antsy boys. Save me. (They’re back to school tomorrow, hurrah!)

(Insert obligatory pun about my right to bare arms. Ho-ho.)

Also — Saturday night when I was pulling out clothes for the boys to wear to church, I came across a VERY disco-era, sea-green, polyester, three-piece suit that was Aaron’s as a little boy. I held it up just to say, Ha ha, look what your Daddy used to wear; but Noah was instantly smitten with the suit and decided to wear it to church. I gently urged him that maybe the suit was a little, ahem, old-fashioned, not to mention hot and itchy, and would he like something else, maybe a nice argyle sweater? But he was determined, and my policy on clothes for the kids has been that as long as it’s reasonable they can choose what they wear (although this is the first time my resolve to let them decide has been tested)….so, here’s what Noah wore to church on Easter Sunday:

A five-year-old in a sea-green leisure suit. That, Internet, is my gift to you. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Easter!

  1. Abi, I hate to break it to you but I don’t think this outfit does very much for you. I don’t think it’s very pretty. I think it’s a HOME RUN and I think it’s more than pretty, I think it’s FABULOUS!

  2. Yay! I’m glad that the sundress worked for you. The outfit looks fantastic!

    Over the last few years I’ve noticed that I buy more from Avenue and less from Lane Bryant. I’m not sure why but I think it might be because they tend to have lower regular prices and awesome clearance all year round. Or the fact that I wore LB clothes for pretty much 15 years… because that was my only option!

    Noah looks adorable in the leisure suit. One of my brother’s loved to wear his “fancy” clothes as a kid – he wanted to wear a suit to everywhere, including pre-school.

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