End-of-Summer Housekeeping

My classes start back up tomorrow. This will be, I hope, my penultimate semester towards my bachelor’s degree in English (with minors in creative writing and film & pop culture, as if that will make my degree more marketable), and my course load is increasing, so I doubt I’ll have much time for blog-writing, alas. I’ve loved giving myself permission to spend more time in writer-mode this summer; it’s been tremendously productive for me, just in terms of personal growth and hammering out my ever-evolving beliefs, and I’ll miss having the space to do this.

Here are some things that have happened lately:

– I went to the beach, and I wore my bikini. It was a pretty great trip, actually, if you don’t count the 2000 miles of driving and the absence of personal space (for introverts, hell is sharing a bedroom with your kids). Here’s me, sunburnt and wind-swept:

shirt is by Tiny Hobo Tees for Custom Plus, 4X, available here
shirt is by Tiny Hobo Tees for Custom Plus, 4X, available here

– My blog was quoted in a piece on The Atlantic about the Modesty Wars. Katelyn Beaty, managing editor of Christianity Today, quoted from one of my posts this summer about modesty rules and rape culture; and while I didn’t agree with the conclusion she came to in the article, it was awfully nice to see my name in a major online magazine.

– When I’m not writing brilliant things about rape culture and bikinis, I like to tweet about squirrels.

– My friend Stephanie, who attends an Episcopal church, was in town last week, and I went with her to services at two local Episcopal churches. It was definitely a style of church very much unlike what I’m accustomed to — the second and more promising church, in particular, was low-tech and low-budget, multicultural and diverse, and tiny — but in spite of having to adjust to a totally different church culture, I came away feeling much more hopeful about church than I have in a long time. (In both churches, women gave the sermon. That alone was staggeringly new to me.) More than that, though, I left church not feeling so angry — after months and months of feeling emotionally wrung-out and cynical on Sundays, this was an incredibly welcome change. I’ll probably take a sabbatical from church and church-hunting for the next few weeks or months, but I definitely want to revisit one of those churches, when I’m ready.

So. Here’s to Fall and busyness. Do keep in touch, won’t you? Especially if you’re into squirrels.


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  1. Yay squirrels! \o/ And yes, different churches are way different. I miss the one I had in Atlanta because it was small and diverse and accepting. *sigh* I miss my friends there. But! Moving to Maryland has been good too. 🙂

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