Telling God’s Story: Sunday Night Open Thread

I was planning to write a post tonight over chapter 2 of Telling God’s Story, but the day got away from me and now I’m crashing. I’ll hopefully have time to write about it in the morning, but this is a big chapter and I want to give it enough time to really do it justice. (And honestly, some of what Enns talks about in chapter 2 is sitting a bit uneasily with me; I think I need this evening to process.)

In the meantime, I’m putting this up as a Telling God’s Story open thread: What did you think of the first few chapters? Is this new information for you, or is Enns covering familiar ground? What have you been writing or reading lately?

How are you? How are your kids/pets/in-laws/dust bunnies? Do leave a comment – it helps my self-esteem.


Here are some Telling God’s Story-related links:

Kate Green – Telling God’s Story [ ch 1 ]

I’ve come to the idea that my goal in parenting my kids in regards to God and faith, is that I want to provide the tools with which and the environment in which they can develop and explore their relationship with God. This, of course, leaves me with more questions than answers….

TC Larson –  Teaching my kids the Truth about Heaven

I want to be truthful, but I want to give him security. How can I do both when I feel like there is such a broad cannon of interpretation within Christendom? How can I tell him the questions in my own heart about the strict interpretation I was trained to accept? How do I tell him what is true?

Kate also posted this link to the Telling God’s Story Facebook page: Donald Miller’s post, My Problem with the Word “Biblical”

Lately I’ve realized my conservative southern upbringing, while filled with the teaching of Scripture, nearly ruined the Bible for me. It was used as a comprehensive description of God, a voting pamphlet informing who I should vote for, a science book explaining why modern biologists were wrongly interpreting their findings and the ace card for anybody presenting their ideas. It wouldn’t be for years until I sat under a professor who I believed got it right.

What do you think? Talk amongst yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Telling God’s Story: Sunday Night Open Thread

    1. This is lovely, Kate. I’m wrestling with church these days too, and I love how you’re reframing and expanding what “church” means to you and your family.

  1. Also… I appreciate that you are giving yourself permission to take more time with chapter 2. I am one who chews on things and needs time to process before responding (thus my angst with Twitter!) Thanks for being willing to think this book through for (and with) us.

  2. Guys. I’m so behind with a lot of life right now, including the book. But the plan is to catch up this week. So grateful for our little circle. Loved Kate’s post. Off to read TC’s now.

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