Local Mom’s One Weird Trick for Fleeting Internet Fame

It has been a very weird couple of weeks, dear Internet.

Earlier this month I tweeted a photo of an aisle sign I saw at Target. It got retweeted a few hundred times, an online news site caught wind and interviewed me for an article, and from there it bounced to TV news. A lot of very concerned people flooded my Twitter mentions, Facebook messages, and email with their very valid concerns, such as how I was a big fat ugly fat fatty who hates children and loves ISIS and doesn’t understand how gender or the free market work.

My So-Called Face was my favorite early '90s teen tv show

I did a few interviews, particularly for The Daily Dot, Huffington Post, and CNN. And I was on TV.

When everything settled down, I wrote a reflection on the whole thing for xoJane.

That’s been my summer vacation so far. What’s new with you?

P.S. Oh, I nearly forgot – I’ve made it through my first year of grad school, and it was exhausting and exhilarating and existential-crisis-laden and basically the best thing ever, amen.