“Imagine if there were a cliff, and you saw a blind man walking toward it. What would you do?” He is standing on the edge of the fountain at the center of campus, the one that the university never runs anymore in order to conserve water or energy or maintenance costs or something. Is it… Read More Preacher

Fear, part 2

This week the little corner of the Internet where I live has been talking about brokenness and sin, ever since some random Reformed pastor’s tweet found its way into the progressive-liberal-Christian twittersphere, saying that parents should “Teach your children that they are broken. Deeply broken.” And at first I didn’t pay a lot of attention… Read More Fear, part 2


I’m not afraid of Hell anymore. I’m what, almost thirty-two years old? And at last I’m not afraid. It’s taken this long to shake the fear, the implied threat lurking on the other side of God’s love. It’s taken this long to stop thinking of my salvation in terms of Jesus saving me from God,… Read More Fear